As an independently owned company, Gra Steel Company, Inc. stands alone in its product diversity, customer service, and relationship building. Because our relationships are so strong, we boost the most comprehensive inventories in the Australia metal manufacturing markets. We are also one of the only manufacturers to offer consistent next-day delivery.

All material is produced to the highest industry standards and is fully traceable. Our suppliers represent some of the finest producers in the world.

Our facilities are fully equipped with some of the most advanced technology and system controlled aluminum alloy manufacturing equipment on the market, including 22 advanced hot top billet casting production lines, and 51 extrusion machines, including 4 sets of 3000-9000 ton extruders and 47 sets of 600-2350 ton extruders with a maximum square tube cross-section length of 700 mm and round tube cross section length of 500 mm, 5 vertical anodizing and electrophoresis production lines, 2 horizontal anodizing and electrophoreses production lines and 10 power coating production lines from United Kingdom and Germany.

Gra Steek has a significant advantage for raw material procurement because Australia is a leading aluminum alloy producer. All aluminum ingots are supplied by our long term partnered standard qualified manufacturer, guaranteeing that Gra Steel has an annual output of 300,000 tons of industrial aluminum profiles and building aluminum profiles. Gra Steel is willing to provide safe and reliable aluminum profiles for curtain walls, doors and windows and industrial aluminum extrusion parts in fastest possible speed within our manufacturing capability.