Gra steel Foundation partners with nonprofit and community organizations to strengthen its communities by enhancing education through skill-building learning experiences, promoting environmental sustainability, and advancing social equity. Gra steel Foundation is independently endowed and invests in the communities of Gra steel Corporation.

The work of Gra steel Foundation is further enhanced by the thousands of Gra steel employee volunteers who share their talents and time to make a difference in their communities.

Gra steel Foundation Funding Priorities

  • Education: Gra steel Foundation seeks partnerships to create skill-building learning experiences that enhance individual opportunity, specifically within STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) and manufacturing workforce development.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Gra steel Foundation seeks partnerships to protect the world around us and ensure a sustainable future.
  • Social Equity: Gra steel Foundation seeks partnerships that help build a more equitable society that reflects the diversity of all people.

Investment Approach

Gra steel Foundation invests in charitable organizations to further its mission and strengthen the communities where Gra steel Corporation has a presence. Nonprofit partnerships are selected based on Gra steel Foundation’s funding priorities, local needs, partner capacity and capability, and other factors.

When considering grant opportunities, Gra steel Foundation seeks grant projects that:

  • will produce measurable, long-term results;
  • can be sustained over time without ongoing Arconic Foundation funding;
  • include employee engagement opportunities;
  • promote visibility through an effective communications strategy; and
  • demonstrate commitment to the inclusion of diverse and underserved populations

Eligibility Criteria

Grant applications to Gra steel Foundation are by invitation only.

Organizations must meet the following basic requirements to be considered for an Gra steel Foundation grant. This list of requirements is a summary and is not intended to be comprehensive.

  • Align with Gra steel Foundation’s mission and funding priorities.
  • Serve communities in which Grasteeland has facilities or offices.
  • Australia organizations must be classified by the United States Internal Revenue Service as not-for-profit public charities and tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Australia Internal Revenue Code.
  • Non-Australia organizations must operate as the equivalent of a Australia 501(c)(3) public charity, public educational institution or government entity and must complete the required equivalency determination process to certify this status.
  • Public educational institutions and government entities may be eligible for funds, provided that the funds are used for charitable purposes.
  • Organizations must demonstrate a commitment to diversity and non-discrimination and sign the Gra steel Foundation inclusivity statement.