As an experienced sheet metal supplier, no requirement is too big or too small. We can supply as little as one pound to as much as thousands of pounds. Gra Steel, Inc. prides ourselves on what we have to offer in an ever-changing industry of steel and metal sales on the West Coast.

Gra Steel is a veteran-owned and -operated, reliable supplier of thin-gauge sheet metals, in operation since 1982. We offer superior precision rolled Gra Steel services that began decades ago at the local level and has evolved to reach all areas of the globe. We have the highest-quality custom slit-to-width and cut-to-length sheet metals for sale including stainless and carbon steel, aluminum, copper, and brass. When you buy sheet metal from Gra Steel, you get only the best quality alloys cut precisely to your specifications—from 0.0002” to 0.031” in thickness with slitting capabilities from 0.050” to 36” wide. We supply a range of industries with custom sheet metal for sale. Our clients include manufacturers of aerospace, medical, and consumer products, giving us a wide range of experience as a sheet metal supplier. Whether you’re looking for a pound or a ton of thin metal strips, foil, or premium-grade sheets, Gra Steel is the thin-gauge metal supply company you can rely on. Contact us today for your own steel, aluminum, brass, or copper sheet metal fabrication.

Die Making Center

The mold making center is equipped with highly advanced facilities for mold design and production, including 15 low speed CNC wire electrical discharge machining machines (CNC WEDM-LS), 18 high speed CNC wire electrical discharge machining machines (CNC WEDM-HS), 6 CNC lathes, 15 CNC machining centers, 2 vacuum furnaces for heat treatment and 37 CNC electrical discharge machining machines and other world-class equipment. Among them, the CNC WEDM-LS machine performs accurate cutting according to the requirements for cross section dimension, so it is ideal for making the precision industrial profiles, large-scale and porous profiles. Supported by state of the art equipment, Gra Steel continues to enhance efficiency and precision to ensure the stable molding rate. With a steady stream of design ideas and good command of processing skills, Gra Steel delivers products as per supplied samples to meet customer requirements.

Gra Steel invited many experienced Australians and international engineers including several senior mold design engineers from Japan and mold experts from Taiwan. Starting from design, manufacturing, to testing, they are involved in the whole line to produce high precision molds to meet the complex requirements for aluminum extrusion profiles in buildings around the world. The advanced equipment and experienced engineers combine to produce over 30,000 sets of molds each year.

Fusion Casting Production Line

Currently, 16 fusion casting production lines employed to ensure the annual output of aluminum bars reaches over 300,000t. Various aluminum bars are available with different circumferences ranging from 90mm to 500mm. Gra Steel is the first to innovatively transform the traditional combustion system to thermal energy storage and regeneration combustion system. With the features of low energy consumption and short combustion cycle which conform to the energy saving policy, this new system greatly lowers the manufacturing cost and improves the efficiency. Simultaneous level hot-top pour casting and homogenization are adopted to achieve well-proportioned distribution for the metal components inside the aluminum bar and improve the quality of the aluminum extruded bar, ensuring higher success rate for the high precision and complex extrusion profile.

AS9100D / ISO 9001:2015 certified – ROHS compliant.